Catalytic reforming of kerosene over bifunctional Ni/Y catalysts [post]

Elham Saidi, Mahmoud Ziarati, Nahid Khandan, Hossein Dehghani
2020 unpublished
In this paper, catalytic reforming of kerosene over parent Y zeolites and Ni/Y catalysts was carried out in a fixed-bed reactor. The effects of some key synthesis factors including preparation method, Ni loading, and cation type of zeolite on the liquid products were studied. The prepared catalysts were characterized by XRD, BET, FT-IR, and NH3-TPD analysis. It was found that Ni addition over Y zeolite decreased the aromatic yield. As the results showed, the most isoparaffin contents were
more » ... ed with sol-gel, while the deposition-precipitation method led to the highest aromatic yield. In addition, H-form cations had higher aromatic yields than Na-form. The cycloparaffin content over impregnated catalyst was more than two other methods. Moreover, its aromatic range meets the specification of many standard fuels. This leads us to conclude that application of catalyst prepared by impregnation method is suitable for production of some type of hydrocarbon fuels.
doi:10.22541/au.160307111.12358182/v1 fatcat:2yzhg2aurvf2pgew6zm4bp26cu