The Prediction of the Thermohydrogravidynamic Theory Concerning the First Subrange of the Strongest Intensifications of the Global Natural Processes of the Earth in 2017 Since 10 April, 2017 and Before 16 July, 2017

Sergey V. Simonenko
2017 International Journal of Emerging Research in Management and Technology  
he article presents the prediction (made on 10 April, 2017) of the developed thermohydrogravidynamic theory of the global natural (sesmotectonic, volcanic, climatic and magnetic) processes of the Earth concerning the first subrange of the strongest intensifications (since 10 April, 2017 and before 16 July, 2017) of the global natural processes of the Earth determined by the minimal (near 20 April, 2017) combined integral energy gravitational influence on the internal rigid core of the Earth
more » ... re of the Earth (and on the Earth as a whole) of the planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter) and the Sun due to the gravitational interactions of the Sun with Jupiter Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.
doi:10.23956/ijermt/sv6n4/171 fatcat:w3tvvqvptrfy5k7zepijfupxpi