Architecture Evaluation of Mobile Application: Whatsapp

Software become an unavoidable in every once life. Quality of the software is an import aspect in the software development life cycle. Quality for a software is represented in terms of functional and non-functional requirement. Software architecture is used to represent the using set of components and is connectivity as a relationship between these components. To assure the development process meet the requirement given by the user, the Software Evaluation is used. Early detection of error
more » ... ct the software development producing the defect software. ATAM is the one of the method used to detect the risk, non-risk, scenarios and tradeoff in the earlier stage of development life cycle. Here in this paper security scenarios for mobile application has been elicited and compared with the scenarios extracted from the whatsapp application. Comparison shows few scenarios need to added with existing scenarios in order to improve / ensure full security for the metadata.
doi:10.35940/ijitee.h7024.0881019 fatcat:o4be3evygjawzmmrgpdwhp2aj4