N. M. Poplavska, N. L. Dashchenko
2021 Opera in linguistica ukrainiana  
The article purpose is to analyze the semantic and functional parameters of the newest political terms in the Ukrainian internet-media speech. The study displays the semantic stratification of new terms based on their correlation with the environment and their functioning peculiarities using qualitative and quantitative parameters that allow to identify the most frequent lexical units in online media. The research object is the newest political terms in the modern Ukrainian language, and the
more » ... ject of study is semantic and functional characteristics of these language units. The main research approach is semantic and functional analysis of language phenomena. Conceptual-linguistic method was used for semantic stratification of the latest political terms through the scope of their correlation with the environment. The quantitative analysis was meant to identify the most frequent lexical units with political semantics in online media. The descriptive method was used for linguistic facts interpretation. The article extends the notion of socio-political terminology and specifies correlation between socio-political terminology and socio-political vocabulary. The nomination system has formed and is permanently refreshed due to the new communication conditions in the globalized world. The study establishes that socio-political terminology is an open set with increasingly blurred boundaries. A lexical unit affiliation to socio-political terminology is determined by its conceptual content. The research proves that semantic stratification of the latest political terms is primarily based on the correlation with the environment, for instance, journalism and social communications, informational technologies, PR and advertising, art, linguistics, and rhetoric. Units in the analyzed lexical-semantic cluster are quite difficult to identify as terminological words or common words. The study has shown diffuse zone where the lexemes constantly fluctuate between strict requirements for a term (unambiguity, stylistic neutrality) and real functioning in media texts where they acquire imagery and expression. Therefore, the socio-political neolexicon needs further attention of scientists.
doi:10.18524/2414-0627.2021.28.235595 fatcat:jipsapbyqjbm3mfd5zhcu5j3zu