Lorentz symmetry breaking in $\mathcal{N} =2$ superspace

Mir Faizal, Prince A. Ganai
2015 Europhysics letters  
In this paper, we will study the deformation of a three dimensional theory with N =2 supersymmetry. This theory will be deformed by the presence of a constant vector field. This deformation will break the Lorentz symmetry. So, we will analyse this theory using N =2 aether superspace. The N =2 aether superspace will be obtained from a deformation of the usual N =2 superspace. This will be done by deforming the generators of the three dimensional N =2 supersymmetry. After analysing this deformed
more » ... uperalgebra, we will derive an explicit expression for the superspace propagators in this deformed superspace. Finally, we will use these propagators for performing perturbative calculations.
doi:10.1209/0295-5075/111/21001 fatcat:5gwx6oexynbethxysf5l5viv4e