D. W. Coquillett
1883 Canadian Entomologist  
The following larvæ have the usual eloneate, sub-cylindrical form and hard integument of the notoriouswire-worm; they all live in decayed wood, and pupate in cells in the wood.For the determination of the perfect insects I am indebted to Mr. E. P. Austin.Elater nigricollis, Herbst.—Body polished, yellowish brown, palest underneath and at the sutures of the segments; a narrow dark brown band at either end of each segment except the first and posterior end of the last segment; these bands pass
more » ... these bands pass entirely around the body; the last segment tapers posteriorly to a fine, dark brown point; head dark brown, the jaws black; a prop-leg beneath segment 12; length about on inch. I found several April 25, and enclosed them in my breeding cage, in which was placed some decayed oak-wood and damp sand; the first pupa was noticed August 19, and the beetle issued from it on the 30th of the same month.
doi:10.4039/ent15101-6 fatcat:evtjilaty5htravtsszqnlrsty