Pseudotumor cerebri - Clinical presentation, Surgical management and outcome

Dr. Ibrahim Yassin Hussein
2017 International Journal of Advanced Research in Biological Sciences (IJARBS)  
Pseudotumor cerebri is disorder characterized by increased intracranial pressure without deformity or obstruction of ventricular system, there is predilection to occur in obese women in child bearing age, the pathogenesis of disease is still uncertain but may be due to imbalance between production and absorbtion of cerebrospinal fluid, papilledemia is the hallmark of disease found in every patient , treatment could be medical or surgical depending on patient response. Objective To evaluate
more » ... ve To evaluate clinical presentation ,possible causes , treatment and incidence of pseudotumor cerebri in patients attending neurosurgical department in GHAZI AL HARRERI teaching hospital for surgical specialities Patients and Methods Retrospective study in analysis of 30 patients in neurosurgical department in period between November 2011 and December 2013 Results 30 patient diagnosed with pseudotumor cerebri two males and twenty eight females ,70 % obese , papilledema present in all patients, one patient get benefit from medical treatment,29 patient undergone surgical intervention only 5 patients needs revision. Conclusion Pseudotumor cerebri is disease of unknown etiology in most of patients,the diagnostic methodology of IIH must include LP, MRI and brain venography,CSF diversion is the surgery of choice in patients if there is no benefit from medical treatment.
doi:10.22192/ijarbs.2017.04.09.011 fatcat:uchtqotsqvgwlcjze4bgunkkqq