Initiation of thermonuclear detonations [report]

A.W. Maschke
1974 unpublished
In the following note we derive some simple relations describing a thermonuclear detonation in a deuterium-tritium mixture. We propose an ignition system which consists of a storage ring, (or set of them) in which a bunched beam is stacked up to the transverse space charge limit. The particles are then extracted and focused to an appropriate spot. It is this sudden heating which then initiates the thermonuclear shock wave in the fuel. The practical problems of storing and focusing of the beam
more » ... d containment of the detonation are not treated in this note, but will be dealt with in a later paper.
doi:10.2172/4209517 fatcat:yityd7rnfvdztd4b7hdecydq2a