Effect of asymmetry in the restoring force of the "click" mechanism in insect flight

Ali Abolfathi, M.Amin Changizi, Michael J Brennan
2016 Journal of Physics, Conference Series  
Impact of non-idealities on the conductance characteristics of superconductor-insulator-normal metal-insulator-superconductor tunnel junctions S Chaudhuri and I J Maasilta Effect of Peak-Profile Asymmetry onFrequencies Abstract. The aim of this paper is to examine the effect of asymmetry in the force-deflection characteristics of an insect flight mechanism on its nonlinear dynamics. An improved simplified model for insect flight mechanism is suggested and numerical methods are used to study its
more » ... e used to study its dynamics. The range at which the mechanism may operate is identified. The asymmetry can lead to differences in the velocity in the upward and downward movements which can be beneficial for the insect flight.
doi:10.1088/1742-6596/744/1/012121 fatcat:lswe6jtpkvdd3mjysd3t24pelu