Keys to Profitable Corn Production in 2004

Joe Lauer
2003 Proceedings of the Integrated Crop Management Conference   unpublished
Not all farmers are out to set a yield record , but most are trying to get the best yields possible with their management systems. Lots of factors affect the ultimate yield of com, but the main question always seems to be, "What key factors most affect crop yield in the field?" Agronomists and farmers have many key management practices they consider to be important. Everybody' s list is different and often practices ranked differently in importance. Some management practices impact potential
more » ... ld more than other management practices. A combination of weather, climate, soils and agronomic management of inputs constitutes the environment and potential yield of a plant. Ultimately the plant produces yield by integrating its genetic potential with its environmental constraints.
doi:10.31274/icm-180809-747 fatcat:v5h66rnvufcy5garz6o3z47o2i