Nonlocal thermoelectric engines in hybrid topological Josephson junctions [article]

Gianmichele Blasi, Fabio Taddei, Liliana Arrachea, Matteo Carrega, Alessandro Braggio
2021 arXiv   pre-print
The thermoelectric performance of a topological Josephson nonlocal heat engine is thoroughly investigated. The nonlocal response is obtained by using a normal metal probe coupled with only one of the proximized helical edges in the middle of the junction. In this configuration, we investigate how the flux bias and the phase bias trigger the nonlocal thermoelectric effects under the application of a thermal difference between the superconducting terminals. Possible experimental nonidealities
more » ... as asymmetric proximized superconducting gaps are considered showing how the nonlocal response can be affected. The interplay between Doppler-shift, which tends to close gaps, and Andreev interferometry, which affects particle-hole resonant transport, are clearly identified for different operating regimes. Finally, we discuss the power and the efficiency of the topological thermoelectric engine which reaches maximum power at maximal efficiency for a well coupled normal probe. We find quite high nonlocal Seebeck coefficient of the order of tenths of μV/K at a few kelvin, a signal that would be clearly detectable also against any spurious local effect even with moderate asymmetry of the gaps.
arXiv:2103.14394v1 fatcat:dkcehiycbbg45dwiy3oljlxyle