Coating process of corn grains using treatment machine with brush screw conveyor

Alexandru Zaica, Alexandra Visan, Ana Zaica, Mihai Olan, George Bunduchi
2019 Engineering for Rural Development   unpublished
After the harvesting process, agricultural products (grains, fruits, vegetables, etc.) cannot be used directly for different purposes such as : preservation, consumption, industrialization, marketing, sowing, etc.) Prior to receiving a particular destination, it is necessary and obligatory for the harvested products to undergo preparatory operations on conditioning and quality control in order to meet different uses. In order to improve grain health and to avoid production decline and quality
more » ... cline and quality worsening due to the attack of diseases and pests transmitted through grains, treatment has long been used for some species and generalizes rapidly with better results of seed treatment by various means -physical, chemical or biological. Success in grain crops begins with efficient seed treatment, so one of the criteria for assessing the seed quality is its chemical treatment with major implications for the development of future crops. The development of an appropriate technology for the treatment of cereal seeds and technical plants requires a thorough analysis of all the factors involved in the chemical treatment of the seeds (seed quality, their destination, particularities of seed conditioning according to the variety, particularities of the equipment used). The paper presents experimental research results conducted on a machine with brush screw conveyor, which allowed the variation of operating parameters that are graphically represented. The testing methodology for treatment equipment has been developed according to the construction features and functional parameters. Therefore, we determine the interdependence between the coverage degree and the functional parameters that were tested and we formulate recommendations for the use of these types of machines.
doi:10.22616/erdev2019.18.n315 fatcat:hokwfxlvsza5vfwfrzvn6vyvdi