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2020 unpublished
Review of "LISFLOOD-FP 8.0: the new discontinuous Galerkin shallow water solver for multi-core CPUs and GPUs" By Shaw et al. Major remarks The inclusion of a second-order DG2 discretisation and implementation in the LISFLOOD-FP 8.0 flood forecasting suite, on a regular mesh, of the shallow water equations with friction and rainfall, for flood forecasting, is presented, including analyses of three test cases and comparison with a local inertia solver ACC and a first-order FV1 discretisation and
more » ... discretisation and implementation. Parallelisation and GPU results are intercompared in terms of performance and runtime. C1 GMDD Interactive comment Printer-friendly version Discussion paper
doi:10.5194/gmd-2020-340-rc2 fatcat:n3oolrbc6bbc3lcyjmfq7qostu