Exogeneous and endogeneous approaches to semantic categorization of unknown technical terms

Farid Cerbah
2000 Proceedings of the 18th conference on Computational linguistics -   unpublished
Acquiring and updating terminological resources are diflicult and tedious tasks, esi)ecially when selnanti(: inti)rmal;ion should l)e t)rovided. This ])aper deals with !lbrm ,b 'o, mantic Ca.tog'oriza.tion. The goal of thin l)ro(:ess in to assign senlani;i(: categories to miknown i;(~('hni(:al ternls. We t)ropose two at)l)roachen to the t)rol)-1(;111 1;11;1t; rely on (tifferenl; kn()wte(tge sources. The, exogeneoun al)l)roa('h exph)it;s (;ont(~xl;ual information ex|;ra(;[;c(t frolll cort)ora.
more » ... frolll cort)ora. Tile (~ll-(logeneous al)i/roa(:h reli(~s on a texi('al analysis of the te(:hnical ternls. After (les(:ril)ing the two iml)lemente, d methods, we i)rese, nl, the ex-])eriments that we (:on(lu(:ted on signiticant tesl; sets. The results demonstrate, that Ix;tin (:;11;egorization (:an provide a reliable hel t) in the terminology a(:(luisition 1)ro(:esses.
doi:10.3115/990820.990842 fatcat:dzgcvtrd5vdhbf34xzc3q2gkoy