Self-contained handheld optical waveguide chemical sensor system

Roger L. Himka, Richard J. Pollina, Helen Thomas, Stanley M. Klainer, Stephanus Buettgenbach
1998 Chemical Microsensors and Applications  
A self-contained, hand-held, optical waveguide, chemical detection system has been built to detect and quantify gasses and vapors. The system uses a hybrid integrated circuit (IC) containing optical waveguides coated with sensing chemistry as the optical platform. The IC with sensing chemistry is available commercially under the name Sensor-on-a-Chip®. 1 This IC is mounted in a small, uniquely designed sample chamber where the measured analyte is identified by the sensing chemistry and
more » ... mistry and biochemistry. Continuous or stop-flow sampling is possible. Sensitivities in the low parts-per-million have been attained for hydrocarbons and alcohol. Analyte coverage is only limited by the sensing chemistries and biochemistries that are available.
doi:10.1117/12.333743 fatcat:edp3heez2jeo3k6oy3erky2eba