Biegen von höhenfesten Stahlblechwerkstoffen - Umformverhalten und Grenzen der Biegbarkeit [thesis]

Markus Kaupper, Michael Schmidt, Jörg Franke, Marion Merklein
The structural lightweight construction capability of advanced high strength steels is still limited by its moderate formability and its altered failure behavior compared to conventional mild steel grades. Thus in the scope of the work both the forming behavior and the resulting limits of formability within small radii bending were deeply investigated, the knowledge about appearing damage and its interference was significantly enhanced and a new methodology was developed and verified for
more » ... verified for various materials to analyze the failure stages with quantitative measures and in a user-independent manor. Thus, new approaches and knowledge for industrial scale bending of sheet material is provided and therefore a prerequisite for improved and material specific process and component design is given.
doi:10.25593/978-3-87525-339-9 fatcat:lyrghp3cgrh5jcjaanm2pwb6mm