Modular Hamiltonians in flat holography and (W)AdS/WCFT

Luis Apolo, Hongliang Jiang, Wei Song, Yuan Zhong
We study several aspects of holographic entanglement in two models known as flat 3 /BMSFT and (W)AdS 3 /WCFT. These are two examples of holography beyond AdS/CFT where the boundary field theories are not Lorentz invariant but still feature an infinite set of local symmetries. In the first example, BMS-invariant field theories (BMSFTs) are conjectured to provide a holographic description of quantum gravity in asymptotically flat three-dimensional spacetimes; while in the second example, warped
more » ... d example, warped conformal field theories (WCFTs) are proposed to describe quantum gravity in warped AdS 3 or AdS 3 backgrounds with Dirichlet-Neumann boundary conditions. In particular, we derive the modular Hamiltonian for single intervals in both BMSFTs and WCFTs and find the holographic duals in the bulk using the covariant formulation of gravitational charges. We also extend the first law of entanglement entropy to these models of non-AdS holography and discuss the bound on "modular chaos" introduced recently in the context of the AdS/CFT correspondence.
doi:10.7892/boris.147923 fatcat:svipgpth5fdzdddnkktotfgvo4