DYNAMIC NATURE OF POSTPARTAL CAROTID ARTERY DISSECTION DINAMIČKA PRIRODA POSTPARTALNE KAROTIDNE DISEKCIJE Specijalna bolnica za lečenje cerebrovaskularnih bolesti "Sveti Sava" Odeljenje interventne radiologije, Beograd, Srbija

Marjana Vukicevic, Marjana Vukicevic¹, Biljana Brkic², Tatjana Ducic¹, Sanja Trajkovic Bezmarevic¹, Slobodan Culafi, Marjana Vukićević, Biljana Georgievski Brkić, Tatjana Dučić, Sanjatrajković Bezmarević, Slobodan Ćulafi
ABBREVIATIONS CCAD -craniocervical carotid artery dissection CTA -computed tomography angiography DSA -digital selective angiography ICA -internal carotid artery MRA -magnetic resonance angiography АBSTRACT Craniocervical carotid artery dissection (CCAD) is an important cause of stroke in young adults, but it has rarely been reported as a cause of stroke in puerperium. We report the case of a 27-year-old female with a history of migraine who presented with unilateral left headache, transient
more » ... dache, transient episodes of dysphasia and right hemiparesis 30 days after vaginal delivery. Th e fi rst symptoms started six days after the prolonged childbirth. Th e fi rst magnetic resonance angiography revealed dissection in the supraclinoid and a cavernous segment of the left Internal carotid artery (ICA). We followed up the patient for two years and she had an unstable course. During this time, she had occlusion of the supraclinoid segment of the left ICA, with caudal extension on the extracranial segment and recanalisation one month later. Two months later, she had intracranial extension with dissection of the left anterior cerebral artery. During this time, she suff ered from two strokes with minimal neurological impairment and good clinical recovery. Th e pathophysiology of CCAD appears to be multifactorial. Vessel wall injury related to the Valsalva manoeuvre during labour, as well as hemodynamic and hormonal changes of the vessel wall related to pregnancy in a patient with a history of migraine, may be causes of postpartum spontaneous craniocervical artery dissection in healthy women.