An infinite hierarchy of languages defined by dP systems

Gheorghe Păun, Mario J. Pérez-Jiménez
2012 Theoretical Computer Science  
Here, we continue the study of the recently introduced dP automata. They are symport/antiport P systems consisting of a number of components, each one accepting a string, and working together in recognizing the concatenation of these separate strings; the overall string is distributed to the dP automaton components in a balanced way, i.e., in equal parts up to one symbol, like in the communication complexity area. The question whether or not the number of components induces an infinite
more » ... of the recognized languages was formulated as an open problem in the literature. We solve here affirmatively this question (by connecting P automata with right linear simple matrix grammars), then we also briefly discuss the relation between the balanced and the non-balanced way of splitting the input string among components; settling this latter problem remains as a research topic. Some other open problems are also formulated.
doi:10.1016/j.tcs.2011.12.053 fatcat:twepyu2cyrbzzib5dxklbvhv7u