İnsanın Yetkinliğini Teolojik Olarak Temellendirmenin İmkanı

DÜZGÜN Şaban Ali
2005 Ankara Üniversitesi İlahiyat Fakültesi Dergisi  
The reason why God created world (final cause), beyond doubt, was humanity. Just as God has necessary attributes to rule the world, so do human kinds to lead their lives on earth. God entrusted the world to human beings' care and to make this viable He provided them with ontic and epistemic disposition, which are underscored in the Holy Qur'an as fıtra and hidaya. This paper provides vital Qur'anic concepts which are used to prove human capability of laying values for his own life by relying
more » ... life by relying both his reason and experience and interpreting the Holy Qur'an accordingly.
doi:10.1501/ilhfak_0000000020 fatcat:sybtb33kkjhyplodrnbf2dezem