Viscosities of LF Slags and Their Impact on Ladle Refining

P. G. Jönsson, L. Jonsson, D. Sichen
1997 ISIJ International  
This study focuses on the viscosities of synthetic slags used in secondary refining operations. Typically, these slags contain mainly CaO,Al203, MgO and Si02• The data for LF slag viscosities are used in a model for a gas-stirred ladle to evaluate the effect of viscosity variations on predicted parameters close to the slag/steel interface, The results show that viscosities of LF slags significantly affect ladle refining operations. It is therefore necessary to contro[ the composition of the
more » ... position of the synthetic slags carefully during production.
doi:10.2355/isijinternational.37.484 fatcat:khm534pmf5hjngqnh2w3nuoe3u