Thrombophilia Testing, Recurrent Thrombosis, and Women's Health

G. Piazza
2014 Circulation  
Follow a stepwise strategy for thrombophilia testing that considers the clinical scenario (when to test), the implications of testing (why to test), and then the overall approach to testing (how to test). Use a selective strategy that focuses on the highest-yield thrombophilia testing first. Defer testing for deficiencies of protein C, protein S, and antithrombin because low levels do not necessarily indicate true thrombophilia in the setting of acute thrombosis and anticoagulation. Remind
more » ... lation. Remind patients that a negative thrombophilia evaluation does not exclude thrombophilia because there are many hypercoagulable conditions that have yet to be identified and for which testing does not exist. Consider deferring thrombophilia testing to the follow-up outpatient visit when there will be more time for discussion and when the patient will have recovered psychologically from the acute thrombotic event. Figure. A stepwise approach to thrombophilia testing. by guest on October 28, 2017
doi:10.1161/circulationaha.113.007664 pmid:25024124 fatcat:u65igijlkzcwddqnhxv4irwdn4