В.А. Упоров
2019 Organizer of Production  
Introduction. With the increase in the number of producers of consumer goods that are homogeneous in their functions, the most acute question is how to increase the efficiency of the sales system. The market dictates a flat two-element sales system, a manufacturer and a retail outlet, as the most efficient. In this situation, goods from several manufacturers meet on one shelf, seeking to increase sales of their products. The concept of merchandising products of industrial enterprises in retail
more » ... erprises in retail outlets. The author proposes tools to increase sales efficiency from the shelf by forming the optimal set of suppliers characteristic of a specific outlet. All SKUs included in the optimal set are determined by the method of conducting a sequential analysis of each article in the context of the developed criteria. The objectives of the supplier and the owner of the outlet are multidirectional with respect to the shelf share and the share in sales, but they coincide in shelf ratio. The optimal set is due to the large number of factors inherent in the target audience, which is limited by geography. Dynamic equilibrium of optimal supplier recruitment. Despite the number of influencing factors, an equilibrium position exists and is dynamic. By virtue of this property of the optimal recruitment of the supplier, the updating of the range included in the set must be carried out in a certain systematic manner. The frequency of updates is due to the average turnover of goods in the product group. Together with the developed indicators for the analysis of the range, an economic interpretation of the values and the corresponding indicators was formulated. This allows not only to establish the actual position of the SKU in the range of the outlet, but also is the basis for making management decisions. Conclusion. The developed toolkit is the key to improve the efficiency of sales operations of manufacturing enterprises. A study of existing production companies suggests that there are significant marketing advantages for companies us [...]
doi:10.25987/vstu.2019.84.56.009 fatcat:gpulxipdzfbv5do6xmnz7mgwde