What Americans Have Done for Turkey

1878 Scientific American  
WHAT AltERICANS HAVE DONE FOR TURKEY. A number of years since a hosiery factory was started in A late issue of the British Quarterly Review devotes 8 one of our country towns, and workmen for it imported from large amount of space to an appreciative survey of the indo England and Wales; for a little while all went on well, but dental and secular results of recent American labors in finally the company failed and the works were permanently Turkey, and shows that those labors have not only been
more » ... ave not only been closed. enormously beneficial to the people of Turkey, Asiatic Tur· When deprived of the factory work, most of these work· key especially, but also the chief source of the world's sci· men, sensibly recognizing that work was better thau idleness entific knowledge of the geography and pthnology of those and bread more sustaining than any amount of grumbling, regions. For half a century the civilizing influences at instead of becoming burdens upon the community in which work in Asia Minor have been mainly of American origin; they had cast their lot, set up, each of them, a hand loom or and it is gratifying to know that the new protectorate of the two in his little house or room, and continued the manufac· East is predisposed by faith and 'llood to treat with fairness TERMS FOR THE SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican09071878-144a fatcat:xpfek7oknjakdhtictnmz7fye4