Cockatoos in the raw

Ruba Abbasi, Angelina Eldekki, Janet Peralta, Julie M. Fagan
People are unaware of how time consuming owning a cockatoo can be and the quality of care needed to maintain a healthy environment for them. As a result there is a high surrender rate of these birds and other species of parrots. Currently, following the purchase of exotic birds, the owner is supposed to get a permit but this is poorly enforced. We propose that the seller be required to inform the owner of the responsibilities of owning an exotic bird prior to purchase. A petition was created,
more » ... tion was created, , to garner support for requiring information to be given to the potential exotic bird owner and the letter was sent to New Jersey's senators to propose that they add language to the current permitting laws to include responsible exotic bird ownership.
doi:10.7282/t3bv7f2r fatcat:lmatu7ic4jd33hl2ovlaowtyzi