A Sequential Aerial Triangulation Algorithm for Real-time Georeferencing of Image Sequences Acquired by an Airborne Multi-Sensor System

Kyoungah Choi, Impyeong Lee
2012 Remote Sensing  
Real-time image georeferencing is essential to the prompt generation of spatial information such as orthoimages from the image sequence acquired by an airborne multi-sensor system. It is mostly based on direct georeferencing using a GPS/INS system, but its accuracy is limited by the quality of the GPS/INS data. More accurate results can be acquired using traditional aerial triangulation (AT) combined with GPS/INS data, which can be performed only as a post-processing method due to intense
more » ... ational requirements. In this study, we propose a sequential AT algorithm that can produce accurate results comparable to those from the simultaneous AT algorithm in real time. Whenever a new image is added, the proposed algorithm rapidly performs AT with minimal computation at the current stage using the computational results from the previous stage. The experimental results show that the georeferencing of an image sequence at any stage took less than 0.1 s and its accuracy was determined within ± 5 cm on the estimated ground points, which is comparable to the results of simultaneous AT. This algorithm may be used for applications requiring real-time image georeferencing such as disaster monitoring and image-based navigation.
doi:10.3390/rs5010057 fatcat:2dearvouzranngcwfbbrvxyysq