Maryland Gazette July 1837

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IT, now ti e-. lioaote mike ltd in * fora ad ill price or. But w* ' try 1837, Uif the lirgett' very luptriof. >r-tbe.r*we*t* in their »*'ve» let, Voyage*.' uracter. Jainy ihould fill * ithoil vshope i enliven ind il tu give to it| DO consider*. 5 thit in bowk of the prudent, be mott icep. > pow'er of con-»." A'o iooA WIT to Library ui, which will a*******)*. •• tlib Pa.Mlc . 26,0(10 SUBSCRIBERS! PMKI.AKBK.PHIA t| HE *pl*e>de*i patronage awarded to the 1 PniMelvkla 3a*eu-d*y Courier, indices
more » ... thr publication, der the) ifcesJeltfl*), of a quarto eilition of theii aopatar joarfll, ea loDg known the l.rgeil Faril* fowwaper to Ui* Unit,e4fltale., with ( l,it of near TWENTY-SIX BlOLSAND bli«bed ai t»renU>r i( too,t|cll kiiuoii torei)Uir«aa extende-l [»ro»p«xtui|rthe pa'ili*licr«, therefor*, will Uu no luore than rvfrr to the t*u leading daily political p«|xn> W oppoiite poliiica. Thr l'eun»ylvanian uy* "The !)«<«rday Cuuncr ia the lurfictt, md a*« of-Ue bett Uwily iirw«papcn in Hie Uniun("the other, the Inquirer a ml Daily Cu«rier»MJI* "«' i* ^* l*^* 1 juurnal publiilied in PVIailelph'u.anilune ol the very bctl in the Unlteil Sutfk.»' The Nrxv Yoik Star uy«cnlity in oCerinc literiry nrizrt." The Albany Mercvry uf March 10th, IR36, uya, "the 9«turday Conner, i* decidedly th* belt Family Newipaper ever piibliihed in thit or any other country, anil ita value ii duly ppreciited, by the pvbfic, if we may judge frem ita vait circulation, whicb excecdi «,-QUO per week. Its contrnla are igrerably viried, and each number contain! more rral-LARKE, Philadelphia. JC7*Tltepaper will be tent in exchange to auch newtpaper* a* may oblige ua by publish* ing our advertisement*. ~ SUBSCH1FTIQN FOR VOL. IV. OV THE CULTIVATOR,
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