Effects of curvature-Higgs coupling on electroweak fine-tuning

Durmuş Ali Demir
2014 Physics Letters B  
It is shown that, nonminimal coupling between the Standard Model (SM) Higgs field and spacetime curvature, present already at the renormalizable level, can be fine-tuned to stabilize the electroweak scale against power-law ultraviolet divergences. The nonminimal coupling acts as an extrinsic stabilizer with no effect on the loop structure of the SM, if gravity is classical. This novel fine-tuning scheme, which could also be interpreted within Sakharov's induced gravity approach, works neatly in
more » ... ch, works neatly in extensions of the SM involving additional Higgs fields or singlet scalars.
doi:10.1016/j.physletb.2014.05.002 fatcat:xwwny3dp7feidg6qdebf3oexly