A Diffie-Hellman and Two Step Verification based Secure Cloud Computing Paradigm

Mir Shahnawaz Ahmad, Syed Rameem Zahra
2018 International Journal of Computer Networks And Applications  
The foundation of cloud computing has been laid on five important traits: self-service on appeal, wide network access, pooling of resources (location independence), quick elasticity and quantified service. In least complex terms, it is to say that any cloud product (whether infrastructure, platform or software) is offered in a way that it can be rented by consumers over the internet (pay for what you use on demand). Owing to all these characteristics, there are enormous advantages from the
more » ... oint of both the vendor and the user and hence the cloud is gaining limelight day by day. However, it should not be forgotten that every coin has two sides; the level of dangers against IT frameworks is specifically corresponding to the level of developing technology. In order to make any new reliable technology, the security professionals need to pay attention to discover any new threats that could possibly be launched against it. Cloud computing has various issues, like privacy issues, confidentiality of user's data etc. which majorly depress the extensive benefits of cloud computing is restricted. Also, the concept of multi-tenancy offered by cloud computing poses new challenges to the security professionals. In this research article, we enlighten the security issues related to cloud computing and propose the corresponding possible solutions to balance out these threats.
doi:10.22247/ijcna/2018/49433 fatcat:fmnunbuayzgvziapbmlstmt3qq