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2004 Discrete Mathematics  
New sufficient conditions for bipancyclic bipartite graphs (1-2) 5-13 Balbuena, C. and P. Garc! ıa-V! azquez, Edge-connectivity in P k -path graphs (3) 213-218 Bali ! nska, K.T., S.K. Simi! c and K.T. Zwierzy ! nski, Which non-regular bipartite integral graphs with maximum degree four do not have 71 as eigenvalues? (1-2) 15-24 Boland, J., F. Buckley and M. Miller, Eccentric digraphs (1-2) 25-29 Borowiecka-Olszewska, M., E. Drgas-Burchardt and P. Mih ! ok, Minimal vertex Ramsey graphs and
more » ... forbidden subgraphs (1-2) 31-36 Borowiecki, M.x., M. Ha"uszczak and E. Sidorowicz, On Ramsey minimal graphs (1-2) 37-43 Buckley, F., see J. Boland (1-2) 25-29 Č ada, R., T. Kaiser, M. Rosenfeld and Z. Ryj! acˇek, Hamiltonian decompositions of prisms over cubic graphs (1-2) 45-56 Changat, M. and J. Mathew, Induced path transit function, monotone and Peano axioms (3) 185-194 Czygrinow, A. and B. Nagle, Strong edge colorings of uniform graphs (3) 219-223 Daskalov, R. and E. Metodieva, The nonexistence of ternary [105,6,68] and [230,6,152] codes (3) 225-232 Drgas-Burchardt, E., see M. Borowiecka-Olszewska (1-2) 31-36 El Haddad, M., Y. Manoussakis and R. Saad, Upper bounds for the forwarding indices of communication networks (3) 233-240 Elzinga, R.J., D.A. Gregory and K.N.V. Meulen, Addressing the Petersen graph (3) 241-244 Faudree, R.J., R.J. Gould, M.S. Jacobson, L. Lesniak and A. Saito, Toughness, degrees and 2-factors (3) 245-249 Flandrin, E., H. Li, A. Marczyk and M. Wo! zniak, A note on pancyclism of highly connected graphs (1-2) 57-60 Flandrin, E., see M.E.K. Abderrezzak (1-2) 5-13 Fletcher, R.J., C. Koukouvinos and J. Seberry, New skew-Hadamard matrices of order 4 Á 59 and new D-optimal designs of order 2 Á 59 (3) 251-253 Garc! ıa-V! azquez, P., see C. Balbuena (3) 213-218 Gerlach, T., Toughness and Hamiltonicity of a class of planar graphs (1-2) 61-65 Goddard, W., T.W. Haynes, M.A. Henning and L.C. van der Merwe, The diameter of total domination vertex critical graphs (3) 255-261 G . oring, F., J. Harant, E. Hexel and Z. Tuza, On short cycles through prescribed vertices of a graph (1-2) 67-74 G . orlich, A., M. Pil! sniak, M. Wo! zniak and I.A. Zio"o, A note on embedding graphs without short cycles (1-2) 75-77 G ! orska, J., Z.x. Skupie ! n, Z. Majcher and J. Michael, A smallest irregular oriented graph containing a given diregular one (1-2) 79-88 Gould, R.J., see R.J. Faudree (3) 245-249 Gregory, D.A., see R.J. Elzinga (3) 241-244 Hackmann, A. and A. Kemnitz, The circular chromatic index (1-2) 89-93 Ha"uszczak, M., see M.x. Borowiecki (1-2) 37-43 Harant, J., On paths and cycles through specified vertices (1-2) 95-98 Harant, J., see F. G . oring (1-2) 67-74 Haynes, T.W., M.A. Henning and L. Hopkins, Total domination subdivision numbers of trees (3) 195-202
doi:10.1016/s0012-365x(04)00345-0 fatcat:6zribkcwoneppcmbtj3xqfm3qy