Proceedings of the Eighteenth Annual Conference of the Human Ergology Research Association (Part1)

1983 Journal of Human Ergology  
The original concept of somatotyping was suggested by SHELDON et al. (1940) , and was later modified by PARNELL (1954) and HEATH and CARTER (1967) . In the present study, somatotypes of 394 male athletes engaged in 15 different sports and 30 male non-athletes at the University of Tsukuba were classified according to the Heath-Carter somatotype method and the similarities between different groups were compared. High mesomorphic and endomorphic score components were shown for the heavy weight
more » ... p of judoists, which was similar to the results obtained by FARMOsI (1980) . A combination of large mesomorphic and small endomorphic scores featured was found in gymnasts, whose somatotype was unique compared with other athletes. The ectomorphic components of middledistance runners, sprinters, jumpers, volleyball players, and gymnasts showed larger values than their endomorphic components. And the endomorphic components of judoists, throwers, rugby players, kendoists and baseball players were higher than their ectomorphic components. The somatotype differences were minor between tennis players and swimmers, jumpers and sprinters, and handball players and basketball players, respectively. It is concluded that certain groups of athletes show similar somatotype reflecting their adaptability and training.
doi:10.11183/jhe1972.12.203 fatcat:kooha7p5krc77eoezyt6bsvmdy