Hospital and Dispensary Management

1891 BMJ (Clinical Research Edition)  
THE BRITISH' MEDICAL JOURNAL. 619 misundeirstood the alleged action of the latter in the case in question. Otherwise it would justly subject B. to severe criticism and reproof, his conduct having beeni in direct contravention of the principles enunciated in the ethical code, anid, moreover, repugnant to the feelings and sentiments of truie pr-ofessional brotherhood. (1) Our opinion thereon is expressed in the precedinig paragraplh. (2) Failing an apology on tlle part of B., we wotuld suggest a
more » ... imple reserved demeanour, or nonrecognitioin in public, according to the gravity of the case. (3) In the -absence of otlher available aid, we would, in the interests of suffering lhumanity, counsel A. to attend in any case of emergency, but otherwise -courteously anld firmly to decline. CLUBS AND CONTRACTORS. PRACTITIONFER-If a contractor engage a surgeon to attend to accidents
doi:10.1136/bmj.2.1602.619 fatcat:vewq3rzbajd57diunxpaauqdpe