Local Steric Hindrances and Configurations of Linear Macromolecules in Solutions. I. Formulation
鎖状高分子の局所的立体障害と溶液中にをける状態について. I. Formulation

Kazuo Nagai
1959 Busseiron Kenkyu  
Synopsis: The previous theory10,11 treating the analogous problem is developed to rigorously include the interactions between the atomic groups whose relative spatial configurations are determined by rotational angles of two neighbouring bonds. The mean squares of the end-to-end distance and / or electric moment are calculated for isotactic and syndystactic vinyl polymers and a few other polymers with similar structure. As a model of linear macromolecules is adopted the discontinuous one whose
more » ... ach C-C bond is assumed to have only three configurations of trans, gauche and another gauche, In such the model the problem of taking account of all interactions between neighbouring bonds corresponds to the one-dimensional cooperative system. While the partition function of this system can be easily obtained, sume device is required to find the mean quandities under consideration. Results involue the task to evaluate the trace of a certain matrix of order 364
doi:10.11177/busseiron1957.5.364 fatcat:k7dwigbhvvazhatg2uar7hfkc4