The Influence of Earth Science Community Learning Model (EARTHCOMM) To Learning Outcomes of Geography

Mei Vita Romadon Ningrum, Ernia Kholiq
2018 Proceedings of the 2017 International Conference on Education and Technology (2017 ICEduTech)   unpublished
The learning model of Earth Science Community (Earthcomm) is a learning process that is more concerned with students' activeness in solving problems and finding ideas to build an understanding of knowledge they have acquired. The purpose of this study was to determine the influence of the results of Earthcomm learning model to learning outcomes of geography on materials such as exploration, exploitation of minerals and reclamation of the mine site of the former class XI at Madrasah Aliyah
more » ... drasah Aliyah Negeri 2 Samarinda. This research is a quantitative research with experimental research design. In this research there are independent variable which is the model of learning Earth Science Community (X) and the dependent variable which is the learning outcomes (Y). The population in the study were all students of class XI MAN 2 Samarinda in Academic Year 2015/2016. The sampling technique used purposive sampling technique. The sample in this study were students of class XI IPS-2 which consist of 30 students. Collecting data in this study use questionnaire to determine the students' response to the model and test techniques is to measure students' learning outcomes after using Earthcomm model. The results showed the average value of students after using the Earthcomm learning model included in both categories with a value of 84.76. The correlation of coefficient is 0.802 and 50.615, with significance level of 0.000. Specifically, the level of significance is lower than the significance level of 5% or 0.05, so that makes significant relationship between Earthcomm learning model to the learning outcomes of students MAN 2 Samarinda. The coefficient of determination obtained 0.644, which means the application of Earthcomm learning model affect 64% to the students' learning outcomes with regression calculation equation of Y = 12,095X + 0,548.
doi:10.2991/icedutech-17.2018.8 fatcat:lthik2bg25congp5pjjgjo5q6u