Estimates of certain paraxial diffraction integral operator and its generalized properties

Shrideh Al-Omari, Serkan Araci, Mohammed Al-Smadi, Ghaleb Gumah, Hussam Alrabaiah
2020 Advances in Difference Equations  
This paper aims to discuss a generalization of certain paraxial diffraction integral operator in a class of generalized functions. At the start of this paper, we propose a convolution formula and establish certain convolution theorem. Then, with the addition to the convolution theorem, we consider a set of approximating identities and substantially employ our results in generating sets of integrable and locally integrable Boehmians. The said generalized integral operator is tested and declared
more » ... o be one-to-one and onto mapping. Continuity of the generalized operator with respect to the convergence of the Boehmian spaces is obtained. Over and above, an inversion formula and consistency results are also counted. MSC: 54C40; 14E20
doi:10.1186/s13662-020-02859-8 fatcat:h3lgqycwibbfxaqklvuuokcgbq