Performance of Longitudinally Fractured Horizontal Wells in High-Permeability Anisotropic Formations

M.E. Villegas, R.A. Wattenbarger, P. Valko, M.J. Economides
1996 Proceedings of SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition   unpublished
Copwght 1s96 SaIety of Petroleum Engmeem, Inc Tht%papa was prepared foI prmtabon af the 19M SPE Annual Tachntwl Con farene and E%h,bttwnheld m Oemvw Colorado, U S A ,6-9 octobcr 19@3 Thm pq'w W* selected tof presentatwan by an SPE Prcgram Cmmmmea fdlowng rewsv.' of mformafw wntamed m an qbstmt submrftad by the author(s) CwItOnk of the paper, as pmsentti, hava not Wan rwtewd by tie .Smety of Petroleum Enwwm and are subject to mrrectmn by the author{s) The material, as presented doss not
more » ... y teflect any pesmon C4the Saaety d Petroleum Engineers ds ofhcers or membws Papers presented at SPE meetmgs are subject to pubhcahon mwww by Edltor!al Committees of the Somety of Pelloleum Engmeem Perrmsmon m copy IS restricted to an abstract of not more thanw ords Illustrations may not ba copmd The abstract should contmn con.splcuous ackno++sdgment cf where and by t++iom the paper ws presented Wr!fe Ltwanan SPE P O Sax 833S36 Richardson, TX 75063-3836 U S A fax 01-214-952.943 Abstract This work studies the combined behavior of (1) horizontal wells, and (2) high-permeability fracturing. Fractured vertical WCIIS in high-permeability formations always yield finite conductivity fractures which in turn can reduce the benefits of the stimulation. It has been proposed recently that a fracture along a horizontal WC1lposes far smaller pressure drops than those of the fracture intersecting a \rertical well. This work uscs numerical simulation to corroborate the recently presented semi-analytical solutions for the problem of a longitudinally fractured horizontal well in a homogeneous, isotropic formation. Additionally, this paper addresses the effects of vertical and horizontal anisotropy in the pressure and production performance of such well and compares it to the performance of a fractured vertical well. Finally, the paper presents a set of transformations that allows for a proper well test analysis of the longitudinally fractured well in an anisotropic formation, M.E. VILLEGAS, R.A. WATTENBARGER, P. VALK6 AND M.J ECONOMIES 3s453
doi:10.2523/36453-ms fatcat:eiffw4hrmvbhbpgytaw2reijum