Crossover behavior in three-dimensional dilute spin systems

Pasquale Calabrese, Pietro Parruccini, Andrea Pelissetto, Ettore Vicari
2004 Physical Review E  
We study the crossover behaviors that can be observed in the high-temperature phase of three-dimensional dilute spin systems, using a field-theoretical approach. In particular, for randomly dilute Ising systems we consider the Gaussian-to-random and the pure-Ising-to-random crossover, determining the corresponding crossover functions for the magnetic susceptibility and the correlation length. Moreover, for the physically interesting cases of dilute Ising, XY, and Heisenberg systems, we estimate
more » ... several universal ratios of scaling-correction amplitudes entering the high-temperature Wegner expansion of the magnetic susceptibility, of the correlation length, and of the zero-momentum quartic couplings.
doi:10.1103/physreve.69.036120 pmid:15089374 fatcat:l2gmwq7su5aedjmr53rizqrt54