Zrównoważona gospodarka energetyczna wehikułem rozwoju w gminach subregionu południowego województwa śląskiego [article]

Arkadiusz Halama
Sustainable Energy Management as a Vehicle of Development in Districts of the South Subregion of the Silesian Province. Within the last twenty five years in Poland revealed new problems such as threats to the energy security, both on the local as well as national level. The energy supply of adequate quality and availability is a component of development and the basic needs. This happens because most of the new and upgraded buildings cannot function without electricity, which "eliminates" modern
more » ... "eliminates" modern heating systems or operating of the other modern complex systems. One of the conditions for ensuring the supply of high-quality energy, in addition to its producing, it is of course actually running distribution grid. Unfortunately, long-term negligence, the depreciation of resources and the lack or the insufficient number of investments caused problems especially in rural areas. A kind of "vehicle", carrying the Polish village in the 21st century and entirely changing the existing concept of the energy distribution, is certainly the development of a modern, sustainable energy management, based on energy clusters, renewable energy sources and smart (intelligent) transmission grids. The aim of the work was assessment of energy management in the communities of the South of the Silesia region (including three sub-regions: Bielski, Żywiecki and Cieszyński). Thirty five available plans (SEAP) of the use of renewable energy sources (RES) for cities and rural districts in this area, were examined. The assessment if the planned investments (actions) can become a real "vehicle", really "carrying" the municipalities in the 21st century was made.
doi:10.24425/118591 fatcat:wn3viupkhvgrfob2lcu4lrln64