Reversible macroscopic dynamics of polar nematic liquid crystals: Reversible currents and their experimental consequences

Helmut R. Brand, P. E. Cladis, Harald Pleiner
2009 Physical Review E  
Polar liquid crystalline phases are relevant for fluid liquid crystal phases observed in banana liquid crystals as well as for a class of polymeric liquid crystalline materials investigated recently. In this Brief Report we present the reversible dynamics for polar nematic liquid crystals with C∞v symmetry, where the macroscopic polarization representing polar order acts as an independent macroscopic variable. We find reversible coupling terms, for example, between flow and temperature and
more » ... ntration gradients specific for the existence of a polar preferred direction. We suggest concrete experiments to check the importance of the reversible dynamic cross-coupling terms presented here.
doi:10.1103/physreve.79.032701 pmid:19392000 fatcat:lzsda2jptfbvncmfaq36fwowy4