Theoretical and experimental studies on a latent heat thermal energy storage system (LHTES) containing flat slabs of phase change materials

A. Mirahamad, S. M. Sadrameli, H. Seifi
2014 International Journal of Smart Grid and Clean Energy  
Human growing need for energy, limited energy resources, pollution and global warming are all things that force us to be sensitive about rate of energy consumption. One of the leading options is saving the available energy in order to use when it is required. Saving the coldness of the night air for air-conditioning during the hot summer days in tropical regions to assist the common air-conditioning systems can be a proper opportunity to save energy. Phase change materials can be used on this
more » ... eld. For this purpose, a LHTES containing flat slabs of phase change materials (PEG 600 and PEG 1000) was used and a one-dimensional model in which axial conduction is considered was applied to analyze the experimental data. The results from the model and experiments were compared, and a good agreement was achieved. Moreover, for analyzing the performance of LHTES 8 experiments have been designed by factorial method.
doi:10.12720/sgce.3.2.234-240 fatcat:taun2a6ybjchpdceltcfubxktm