Draft Genome Sequences of Pantoea agglomerans Strains BD1274 and BD1212, Isolated from Onion Seeds, Reveal Major Differences in Pathogenicity and Functional Genes

Valery M. Moloto, Teresa Goszczynska, Ahmed Idris Hassen, Rian Pierneef, Teresa Coutinho, Vincent Bruno
2020 Microbiology Resource Announcements  
Pantoea agglomerans strains BD1274 and BD1212 were isolated from Allium cepa seeds. Strain BD1274 induced a disease symptom on a healthy onion, whereas strain BD1212 did not and remains nonpathogenic. A comparative genomic study revealed that the strains differ in their genomic compositions, particularly in the genes that confer pathogenicity.
doi:10.1128/mra.01507-19 pmid:33154020 fatcat:srt2bxqrzff43dffuxh3kknvwi