Precise Determination of Liquid Layer Thickness with Downward Annular Two-Phase Gas-Very Viscous Liquid Flow

Krystian Czernek, Stanisław Witczak
2020 Energies  
The paper presents the characteristics of the original optoelectronic system for measuring the values of hydrodynamics of two-phase downward gas-very viscous liquid flow. The measurement methods and results of the research on selected values describing gas–oil two-phase flow are presented. The study was conducted in vertical pipes with diameters of 12.5, 16, 22, and 54 mm. The research was conducted with the superficial velocities of air jg = 0–29.9 m/s and oil jl = 0–0.254 m/s, which
more » ... ed to the values of gas stream density gg = (0–37.31) kg/(m2s) and of liquid gl = (0.61–226.87) kg/(m2s), in order to determine the influence of air and oil streams on the character of liquid films. The variations in oil viscosity were applied in the range ηl = (0.055–1.517) Pas. The study results that were obtained with optical probes along with computer image analysis system revealed vast research opportunities in terms of the identification of gas–liquid two-phase downward flow structures that were generated as well as the determination of the thickness of liquid film with various level of interfacial surface area undulation. The designed and constructed proprietary measuring system is also useful for testing the liquid layer by determining the parameters of the resulting waves. It is considered that the apparatus system that is presented in the article is the most effective in examining the properties of liquid layers of oil and other liquids with low electrical conductivity and a significant degree of monochromatic light absorption. In view of noninvasive technique of measuring characteristic values of liquid films being formed, the above measuring system is believed to be very useful for industry in the diagnostics of the apparatus employing such flows.
doi:10.3390/en13246529 fatcat:k2mvlacyzjdnlblopwxjbv7oym