A Study on Safety Audit Management System in Kuwait

Sophiya Pulickal, Blessy, Pratab Reddy
2013 International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)   unpublished
A construction site is one of the most risky, perilous and accident prone working environment. Everyday construction personnel are exposed to a lot of site perils that could result in injury or even fatality.A complete eradication of these construction site dangers are close to impossibility but, it can be reduced to a considerable extent. The safety audit management system is one step to achieve a better, safe and accident-free working environment. A safety audit was prepared on MS Excel and
more » ... major elements were selected for the study. The audit was implemented in SSH International, Kuwait. For the collection of data for the audit, physical checks/inspections were done. Safety engineers, safety officers and others involved in addressing the safety at the workplace were contacted. Safety records, safety logs, safety registers, minutes of safety meetings, etc. were assessed. The factors that could affect the health and safety of the workers at the site were then ranked based on their criticality. The audit score for the consultancy was 79%. Out of the 19 audits elements, 6 elements were ranked as the primary and secondary causes of accidents. The improper usage of the following 6 elements could affect the Health and the safety of the construction personnel at the aforementioned construction site. The six elements were the following: Amenities/Sanitation, Electrical Works, Excavations, Tools and equipment, Fire protection and hot works, and Personal Protective Equipment's (PPE's). The practical implication of the audit is that the actual work-site conditions could be taken into account through the audit, and based on the happenings at the work-site, suggestive measures could be given.