Study on Fish Behavior Control Method for Marine Ranch

Chokei Itosu, Masabumi Seto, Sinnya Otake, Makoto Nakamura
The buoyant jets issuing vertically upwards into stagnant ambient fluid, which we call a "water curtain", are expected to utilize as a fish screen to control fish behavior by fencing a water body with the buoyant jets. There have been many studies of vertical buoyant jets, in the previous studies, the Gaussian error curve is assumed to give an adequate approximation to the actual velocity and concentration distribution. In the present paper, we develop theoretically the diffusion problem of
more » ... sion problem of jets by assuming the discontinuity of density on the boundary between jet and ambient fluid, which is verified by experiments. The equations deduced to evaluate the entrainment of ambient fluid, velocity and density are showen to be very simple in comparison with the usual equations,and have good accuracy for practical use. The experiments using fish(red sea breams ) show that the control efficiency is very good to young breams.
doi:10.2208/prooe.9.403 fatcat:uf6kqu3d25gwxcex6yl7o2hvkq