Physical and Sensory Characteristics of Bread Prepared by Substituting Sugar with Yacon Concentrate
설탕을 야콘 농축액으로 대체하여 제조한 빵의 물리적 및 관능적 특성

Won-Mo Kim, Mi-Kyung Kim, Myung-Woo Byun, Gyu-Hee Lee
2012 Journal of the Korean Society of Food Science and Nutrition  
Yacon (Smallanthus sonchifolius) contains high amounts of fructooligosaccharides and has been known to promote health of the intestinal tract and to have anti-oxidative and anti-cancer activities. Yacon concentrates were added to make five different pan breads, each with the addition 0% (YE 0), 25% (YE 25), 50% (YE 50), 75% (YE 75), and 100% (YE 100) of yacon concentrates instead of sugar. The higher the yacon concentration in the dough, the more time was needed for the dough to rise. Higher
more » ... on concentration also affected the color of the bread by lowering the L-value and raising the a and b values. The hardness and chewiness of the bread significantly decreased with increasing yacon concentration, while cohesiveness increased. In the bread sensory evaluation, the intensity of crust color, crumb color, yacon flavor, sweetness, yacon taste, moistness, and residual mouth feel were increased with increasing yacon concentrates, while the uniformity of crumb pores slightly decreased. The consumer acceptance of taste, flavor, texture, and overall acceptance were increased with increasing yacon concentrations. As a conclusion, the substitution of yacon concentrates for sugar improved bread quality and increased consumer acceptance.
doi:10.3746/jkfn.2012.41.9.1288 fatcat:bf3ut6s3y5gezgozmhjejczn3i