The ΔI=1/2 Rule in Nonleptonic Weak Decays

J. H. Reid, N. N. Trofimenkoff
1973 Progress of theoretical physics  
The role that final-state interactions might play in producing the ill=1/2 rules in K~2rc and nonleptonic hyperon decays is studied. Starting from unsubtracted dispersion relations for the decay amplitudes and using elastic unitarity, integral equations of the Omn!!s type are obtained for the decay amplitudes. The integral equations are solved and the solutions are evaluated numerically in order to determine the effect of the final-state interactions on the decay amplitudes. Our main results
more » ... : (1) The final-state interactions are of the nature required to produce the dl=1/2 sum rules for K~2rc and nonleptonic A and I decay amplitudes as well as to give a small parity-conserving I-~nrcdecay amplitude; however, they probably also lead to a small parity-violating I-~nrcdecay amplitude in contradiction with experiment. (2) It is unlikely that final-state interactions play a role in producing the ill=1/2 rule in B decays.
doi:10.1143/ptp.49.612 fatcat:beifqkkxnre6zpmawdz3e2uwom