Mechanical properties of melt-derived erbium oxide [report]

A.D. Neuman, M.J. Blacic, M. Platero, R.S. Romero, K.J. McClellan, J.J. Petrovic
1998 unpublished
stable and has a melting point of 2430 "C. There is relatively little information available regarding single crystal growth of erbia or the properties of erbia. In this study, erbia single crystals have been grown in a Xenon Optical Floating Zone Unit (XeOFZ) capable of melting materials at temperatures up to 3000 "C. Erbia was melt synthesized in the XeOFZ unit in a containerless fashion, proving for little chance of contamination. Crystals were grown in compressed air and in reducing
more » ... es. A recurring problem with melt synthesis of erbia is the appearance of "flakes" at the edges of the melt zone during growth; these flakes disrupt the growth process. The processing details and an initial survey of the physical properties of erbia single crystals is discussed. Erbium oxide (Er203) is a rare earth oxide that is chemically and thermally
doi:10.2172/296753 fatcat:3u5j3admkregbiayskxu422q2e