Suppression of the Aeroelastic/Aeroservoelastic Interaction Using Adaptive Feedback Control Instead of Notching Filters

Jie Zeng, Jiang Wang, Raymond de Callafon, Martin Brenner
2011 AIAA Atmospheric Flight Mechanics Conference   unpublished
This paper investigates the possibility that an adaptive feedback controller can be designed and implemented for the suppression of aircraft's structural vibration in the presence of any aeroelastic/aeroservoelastic interaction, instead of using the non-adaptive notching filters. Currently aircraft with non-adaptive control laws usually include roll-off or notch filters to avoid AE/ASE interactions. However, if changes in the aircraft configuration are significant, the frequencies of the
more » ... e modes of the aircraft may be shifted and the notch filters could become totally ineffective. With the proposed adaptive feedback control technology, the flexible dynamics can be consistently estimated via system identification algorithms and its undesirable effects are suppressed through a robust feedback control law, while the whole systems stability is being maintained. The proposed feedback control technique is demonstrated with a 6-DOF nonlinear F/A-18 AAW model for the suppression of the aeroelastic/aeroservoelastic interaction. body dynamics. The performance of the notch filters and the proposed adaptive control algorithm are compared and validated with the use of the nonlinear F/A-18 AAW model integrated with the NASA AAW flight research controller.
doi:10.2514/6.2011-6459 fatcat:3gh6s7375jb4deeofnim2btc2q