An overview of the most effective tranquilizer herbs

Akbar Sheikhani, Nahid Kholdi, Masoomeh Mokhtari
2017 Journal of Basic and Clinical PATHOPHYSIOLOGY   unpublished
and Objective: The mental illnesses are one of the main problems in countries. Man has used medicinal herbs to control mental illnesses for centuries. This article reviews available effective sedative herbs that play a role in controlling mental illnesses. Materials and Methods: At first, the authentic traditional texts and the Qur'an and the statements of the innocents were studied. Then, the keywords including mental disorders such as anxiety, depression, nerve restlessness, Parkinson's
more » ... e, melancholia, fear, nerve calming, psychosis and convulsion and other disorders, sedative herbs, medicinal herbs, the name of herbs and sedation were searched in PubMed and Google Scholar from 2014 to 2017. The more relevant articles were selected and the most effective tranquilizer herbs were studied. Results: Nearly 50 medicinal plants were found out to be effective in controlling mental illnesses. From the herb list, we selected the most effective ones. Including criteria for the selection of herbs was also the vast spectrum of effectiveness, harmless, and easy availability. Therefore, the 8 following plants had first priority: Borage officinalis, Lavandula angustifolia, Valeriana officials, Crocus sativa, Melissa Officinal, Hypericum perforatum, Passiflora incarnate, and Humulus upulus. Conclusion: Considering the effectiveness, harmlessness, and availability, the Crocus sativa should be used in foods in usual dosage and the other plants as herbal tea separately or in combination.