Recurrent myxoma. Bi and three-dimensional echocardiography approach
Mixoma recidivante. Diagnóstico ecocardiográfico bi y tridimensional

Clara A Vázquez-Antona, Francisco Javier Roldán, Julio Erdmenger Orellana, Angel Romero-Cárdenas, Alfonso Buendía, Jesús Vargas-Barrón
The case of a 16-years old female patient with left atrial myxoma and cerebral embolism is reported. She was subjected to surgical excision of the mass. At 40 months of follow-up she initiates with dyspnea and an aortic murmur is detected. The transthoracic and transesophageal echocardiographic analysis revealed the presence of three tumors: in the left atrium, left and right ventricle. The myxoma of the left ventricle obstructs the aortic valve. We discuss the usefulness of bi-and
more » ... onal echocardiography as initial diagnostic method.
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